Health And Financial Benefits To Gain From Playing The Drums

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You might be that die-hard music fan who loves how to the drummer in your favourite music band works out his or her fingers and arms. Yes, playing the drums is an impressive skill. If you are interested in playing the drums, you should not let anything hold you back because if you like it, it will bring you pleasure and regardless of the reason why you learn to play the drums, it will surely bring in major benefits. If you are interested in playing the drums and if you want to get the best of it, here are some of the benefits that you can gain from playing the drums:

Improves your fitness
We are always on the move to lose some weight and to be fit. If you want to, the easiest thing that you can do is to start drum lessons Melbourne. How will playing drums make a person fit?’ is a common question. The answer to your question is that you will be doing a lot of work with your arms and legs. It has been found that the heart rate of the drummer in the famous rock band, Blondie, rises to 140-150 when playing drums at concerts and it is equal to an NBA player. That is not all, it has been showed that this drummer burns 600 calories per concert. Think about the intensity of the workout that you can gain just by playing the drums.

You can make money out of it
Once you get the guidance from expert drum teachers, you will be able to get a hang of it and reach the professional level of it without hassle. Once you are good with the drums and the sticks, you will always be ready to earn yourself a decent income. If you are interested in entering a music school, playing the drums is a top qualification. Also, you can play in clubs and restaurants where they would pay you a pretty decent amount.

Improve your mood
Playing the drums would, without a doubt make you happy. The same feeling that you get when you have finished a workout will come to you once you have finished a session of drumming. Drumming will create an endorphin rush in your body assuring that you feel the happiness of the hormones right after the drumming session.Makes you more intelligence
Yes, drummers are intelligent even though they are not given the credit for it. It has been shown that drummer who is better at keeping their drumsticks scored higher on an intelligence test. Also, it will help you improve your concentration skills as drumming requires you to practice your concentration. For more information, please click here.